Saturday, October 9, 2010


Sounds like it's time for a U2 song. Or not. Every October I set out to watch a whole bunch of "scary" movies. Generally, it never works out. Maybe it's the ADD, maybe the fact I have no one to watch them with, or have other stuff to do...or whatever. I seriously doubt it will be different this year. Especially after finally watching Rob Zombie's, "The Devil's Rejects". Or should I say lasting through it? I bought this 2-disc, Unrated gem years ago at Circuit City for $3. Thank god I didn't pay more. For someone that enjoys all genre's of film, including horror, this was an ordeal I wouldn't wish on most. Just 100 minutes of being bludgeoned to death (haha, get it?) with gore, nudity, profanity (in a lame, high-school kind of way), and over-the-top bad acting. Kind of like post-Texas Chainsaw meets Pink Flamingos...and not in a good way.


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