Monday, September 29, 2008

I take it back...

...what I had said before about the homeowners. My bad. This obviously wasn't about helping them out. From the looks of things it is about saddling the taxpayer with a bigger burden and helping people that were making a lot of making a lot of money. And of course we are once again "helping" people to get loans for cars, houses, credit that some of those people will pay off but a lot of them won't. So...once again, we stare greed right in the face, and it is the person with common intelligence and those who are prudent with their finances that have to blink.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I ask people who are eligible to vote!

I feel that it is probably best for me to shut up about the presidential race at this point. Call it running away if you want, I know there are people out there that gladly will say that about me. Call it political burn-out. Call it whatever you like. That's fine. I have been put down quite a few times for mentioning the mere idea of voting for a 3rd-party candidate. I've been told the vote is a throwaway and that the idea of voting for a 3rd-party candidate is once again, "a vote that doesn't matter", that you should only vote for someone that has a chance of being elected, and that I am an idealist, a dreamer, blah, blah, blah. Okay. I disagree with that entirely but people are entitled to their opinion. And I am kind of tired of getting into arguments and making enemies, not friends. I'm not going to tell you that you have to vote for Bob Barr or Ralph Nader or any other available candidate.

The point is this, I know time is often short in these days for people, even though we often somehow find time for tv, email, net surfing, texting, etc. But I simply encourage everyone out there to research the candidates that are running (here is a nice non-political site on issues, voting records, etc., and make the choice you feel is best for you. You do not have to vote for McCain or Obama regardless of what people tell you. No vote that you will cast is a "throwaway". However, if you feel that they would be the best candidate for you after you have looked them over, then please vote for them. Don't take the privilege of voting for granted.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I know...

I should quit bitching. About some things. Probably a lot of things. But I can't. I'm not even sure that it is fun anymore. A few random thoughts though...

Most horror movies are awful now. And its not just because they lack plot and suspense, its because they are PG-13. And somehow this is supposed to make us believe that they are more suspenseful, than those just relying on gore for that "R". Wrong. Simply making your movie fit into the framework of a PG-13 rating, does not make it scary. And then releasing it to dvd as "Unrated" while providing an additional 10 seconds of footage not seen in theatres? That really doesn't cut it either. After watching the "Unrated" version of "Prom Night" the other day on dvd, I am completely in the dark as to how something this bloody horrible can gross over $40 million. I am speechless.

The Reds and Bengals will get better. No. They. Won't. I'll give the Bengals credit for their effort against the Giants yesterday. I'll give Carson and Marvin credit for showing no comprehension of time management at the end of the 4th quarter, and not allowing themselves a shot at the endzone. I won't blame Carson for calling heads on the coin toss before OT. But seriously, the Bengals are 0-3, and while it looks like they can take care of the anemic Browns, from the looks of their schedule a 4-12 record for the season is very, very possible. And will the Brown family do anything to change this in the future. You're kidding right? Which brings us to the Reds. Hard to believe they swept the World Series in '90. The Reds have been consistently awful, while stopping just short of worse than dog shit. Meaning the fans, the bloggers, etc. will keep telling you that with just this and this change they can make the playoffs next year. No. They. Can't. The Reds have very little in the way of offense. The pitching is decent enough, as long as Dusty Baker (who should be fired at the end of this year but won't be) doesn't complete destroy the arms of Volquez, Cueto, and Harang. I give him points for effort though, he definitely has tried to destroy all 3 of them this year. With Dunn and Griffey gone, I can hope for a decent middle reliever under the age of 40, and some offense, but I doubt it. It'll be the same next years, avoid the 100 losses comfortably, but still win no more than 75.

As for politics...sigh, I hate it. I think if I was able to be objective and look at it simply as poly-sci, I would probably find it quite amazing. Or perhaps that more of sociology, or both. Why people do the things they do, vote for who they do, and why the parties run the shows they do. But for now, I am mostly disgusted. I don't trust either of the two major party candidates or their running mates. And in turn, will vote 3rd-party once again. Even though I have been told that my vote doesn't matter. I believe those who say that are misinformed. Really, if you are holding your nose while you push the ballot, namely "defensive voting" - as stated here, isn't that really the best way to waste your vote?

Lastly, Jeremy Schoolfield has very, very few original thoughts or ideas about bands or music. But anyone reading this either doesn't know who he is (you're lucky) or knows that I'm right anyway.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dear Congress and G.W.,

I am writing you about a small request that I have. Can you please get the credit card companies and Honda Financial...oh what the hell, throw Sallie Mae in there too, to forgive me some of my debt? I'd like to be reimbursed for say, just the last two years (c'mon, I'm not asking for all of it). I mean, its not my fault, right? And why in the hell should I not be forgiven while you are buying up $700 billion in crap mortgages that people can't pay? Oh, that's right, you are going to tell us that this is not their fault. That people don't need to take responsibility for their actions. And that is in turn the responsibility of fellow taxpayers to bail them out and the country out. Does this mean that I don't feel bad about these people, who got in way over their heads? No. I do. Thinking twice about that bankruptcy bill you so championed and pushed through, Senator Biden? Of course not. 'Cause you don't give a crap either. Just focus on the fact that Barack wants to overturn it now. Sweep your history under the rug. Just like all those campaign contributions Barack has from Lehman Brothers. No biggie.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

David Foster Wallace

I won't pretend to have read every word David Foster Wallace wrote. And I admit I have gone back to re-read passages because I just didn't get them the first time. But what I have read I have liked. And I share, or I guess I should now say "shared" a connection in that we were both regionally ranked junior tennis players (him, a bit higher than me) and both of us had/have a special love for that sport. A sport many don't understand.

And likewise, David and I shared a love for those players with artistry and grace. Those like John McEnroe and Roger Federer. Not the boredom-inducing bashers that are all so prevalent today, like Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick of present, and Agassi and Courier of yesteryear. Doesn't mean I don't like them as people. Well, okay, I can't really stand Roddick. But their games just bore me to tears.

The other thing that David and I have shared, now a bit more obvious than before, is a serious battle with depression. I can't pretend to know that inner workings of David, but according to his father, depression had been a real battle of his for some 20 years or more. The last few apparently worse than the others. I can relate all too well. I won't go the TMI route for now, but things have happened, as well as some events in childhood that I have struggled with, the last 4 years have been...dark as midnight without a moon. So far nothing has worked to bring me out of this. Every day is a struggle and I don't pretend that the possibility doesn't exist that I won't join David in similar fashion one day. But for now, somehow, I'll make it through one more day. And then another. I wish you were still here David. May your soul be in peace.