Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So the Colts finished 12-4. It's not as stunning as the 11-5 of the Dolphins or Falcons, to be sure. We could argue -- and you might win -- that Miami without Pennington and Atlanta without Ryan would have been 5-11 or worse. But I simply will not accept that coaches who proved themselves very resourceful (Tony Sparano, Mike Smith) would have been hapless without their quarterbacks. Miami would have played Chad Henne earlier. Atlanta would have ridden Turner to a few wins. Indy? Without Manning, I say a team that ran the ball in quicksand would have been 4-12. - Peter King

Peter King is a blowhard who is more than full of himself (but then I guess that is par for the course for anyone on Sunday Night Football, no?). Tony Dungy is not resourceful? Are you serious? Peyton Manning despite of all this shit with his knee is sacked how many times in 15+ games? 14. 4th least in the league. They only rushed 3.4 yds/c because they often abandoned it. It's obviously not about an offensive line that can protect someone that is about as mobile as 3 day old turd. They had the 3rd fewest carries in the league, while Manning is in the top 5 of pass attempts. Sounds like the Cardinals to me, with a better O-line. Kurt Warner was sacked 26 times.

They should have been 0-4 but were gifted games by the Vikes and Texans at the start of the year. Then there is the 9 game "winning" streak. One good win out 9. That was Pittsburgh, the second victory. The rest of it, a Patriot team that was mediocre at that time of the year, Houston, San Diego (in mid-season downward spiral), Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Jacksonville, and a Titan team that played no one in the last game.

Yes, without a doubt, Peyton is the obvious choice for MVP. Please. Should he be considered? Yes. But to call him the obvious choice over the likes of Chad Pennington, DeAngelo Williams, Michael Turner (how do you think Matt Ryan looks his rookie year without him?) and others is just naive.

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