Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Find This Odd?

Obama won the election last night. 52-46% of the popular vote. Not exactly what I would call a mandate. But a reasonable difference. A little bigger than Bush's win over Kerry. I have a question though...does anyone find what happened in California a little odd? Barry beat John 61-36% in the vote, and that is a lot of people voting. However, the gay marriage ban that was on the ballot passed. How is that possible? It wasn't an amendment to approve gay marriage, but to ban it. Perhaps I do not understand how so many people that voted for Barack would vote for something like thinkers that they are and all. Oh, did I mention that issue 4 did not pass? Abortion is acceptable in all ways (and yes, I know its not a black and white issue, there is plenty of grey area)...but keep those damn queers away from the chapel. Right?

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