Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So This Is It...

Election day is here. I won't kid you and say that at this point in my life I am not a pessimist. I am. I've been through too much shit...and am still going through it on a daily/hourly basis not to be. I won't pretend that what I am going to say is some polished, deep argument. If my mind was in a better place, then perhaps it would be.

I can not in good faith pull the lever for Obama or McCain. Rhetoric is nice and makes you feel good, but that really isn't what being president is about. I think. Obama has largely gotten a free pass from the media. Please don't try to make an argument that the media is not left-wing. It is. I know too little about Obama, and no one is going to bother to investigate. They have signed off and thrown any thought of inquiry to the wind. As for the so-called associations, I won't harp or anything to that extent like some right-wing blowhard (cuz I'm not one). I'll say that Barry was either naive knew damn well what these people thought, which is unfortunate, or he is very naive (which is scary). I think he is too smart of a guy to be naive.And on top of that I really don't like or believe the policies. There is simply not a way to pay for all of the programs he states he will enact by simply increasing the tax rate by a small percentage on those making over $250K...or is it $200K...or is it $150K...or well, I guess if the number keeps going down far enough, maybe it will.

I can not vote for McCain either. If McCain was the person I thought he was in 2000...well, probably not then either. But I can't vote for him. He did what he to do...saddle up with the Republicans more so than he had in the last few years. Make amends with Jerry Fallwell (asshole). Be gung ho on going into Iraq. Make like a socialist and approve the bailout and speak of buying up the defaulted mortgages. And choose a VP candidate that...while she makes a nice piece for SNL has done little else. And with that completely shot to shit the argument about Obama not having enough experience. Oh, did I mention that Obama (the true believer in change that he is) went with Joe Biden for his VP? The true fighter for the common man? Right.

So...being more inclined toward smaller government and somewhat of a libertarian in my way of thinking, I will be voting for Bob Barr. Well, that and the fact that I no longer have any idea what Ron Paul is trying to accomplish. I'm not overly thrilled about Barr, who used to be a Republican and originally voted for the war. But I guess changing your position at some point is better than staying with it til' you've driven everything into the ground. I'm sure those who are voting for Obama/Biden can appreciate that in relation to Joe's voting record.

I am a big fan of many, many musicians and actors/actresses. However, I do not need them telling me that I need to vote the Democratic party-line every election. That is simply insulting. It is. Collages for music videos interspersed with "yes we can" and such...no thanks. I understand you think the country is in the toilet and that every word coming out of Barack's mouth is gold. Sorry. Can't buy me. That all being said, I really am not enthused about the thought of waking up Wednesday regardless of which of the big two win. I still believe that 3rd-party voices need to be heard, even though I know that they are also far from perfect. I used to have somewhat of a love for politics, but by the end of this election season, I really don't know if I want to think about it ever again.

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