Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Big 12 and the BCS Thing

I will not pretend to be a sports expert by any means, though chances are you will be hard pressed to find someone that knows more about tennis than I do. As for college football, and what was supposedly "found out" last night about Texas Tech and Oklahoma, I disagree with the majority of what is being said. Sorry if you are an Oklahoma fan. But the whole Texas Tech is a poseur and Oklahoma is the real deal...sorry I don't buy it. And more ridiculous is the idea that Oklahoma has now proven themselves better than Texas and because Texas is idle, that Oklahoma will jump them in the BCS and the Polls.

Now here is the thing, I am not saying that Oklahoma isn't better, for this week, but not much. I simply ask people to look at the schedules. First Texas was asked to go through Oklahoma on a neutral field, Missouri, Ok St. and Texas Tech in Lubbock in successive games. This argument has been used to discredit TT's win as Texas simply ran out of gas. Texas Tech was asked to go through Kansas @ Kansas, Texas, Ok St. and Oklahoma in Norman in successive games. I tend to think the week off hurt Texas Tech regardless of having to go through that schedule. And then there is Oklahoma. They lost to Texas on a neutral field, beat the then slumping Kansas team by 14 at home, and then had two wins over the clearly lesser teams of Kansas State (5-7) and Nebraska (7-4)...and then had two weeks to prepare for Texas Tech at home. And apparently, it is a forgone conclusion that they will go to Oklahoma St. next week and win easily.

When I look back on all of this...perhaps it is more an indictment of the BCS than anything else. It all depends on when you lose and how your schedule shapes up, etc. And we can look at the ACC where no team apparently is good enough to win more than 2 games in a row and ask how in the hell is any team there going to a BCS game when once again an undefeated Boise St. team will be shut out. I think Bob Stoops can tell you that they are worthy of a BCS game. So what does it all mean? Not much I guess. Politics and computers win out. Oh by the way, one if not two of Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech will not be going to a BCS game. Make sense?

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